The Inspiration

The Earth Faery Tarot deck was a journey. For years, I knew I wanted to make a tarot deck in honor of the Morrigan & the fae. When it felt like that right time to create the deck, it took approximately 3 months to paint each painting/ card with acrylic paint. Creating this deck was a smooth, flowing, & fated process!


This deck is filled with those that I care about. The photo next to this text is my late cat Kiki. I asked some of my friends if I could paint them into the deck as well. The suits have their own essences i.e. the Pentacles suit has more animals & has earthy energy while the Swords suit embodies the other Realm.

Contact Me

For any questions you have, you can reach me here:

Adrienne Lea, Certified Tarot Reader, Herbalist

Salem, Massachusetts

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